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Our audiobook experts have worked with book writers and authors worldwide to curate the best and most-streamed audiobooks that generate incredible revenue and perhaps some of the bestsellers in the audiobook market.

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Social Strategy
We kick-start with a brilliant strategy. Looking at your book carefully, we devise a strategy to make you stand out and get results.
Content Creation & Implementation
Social media posts, awareness and sales campaign, video, feed or stories posts – we create social-first, best-in-class content and post with maximum effect.
Social Media Management
We know exactly where, when and how to expand your audience and hook your audience with your content. When we execute social, it gets an impressive response.

“We’ve generated the highest number of demo requests of all time. It was a 20-30% increase.”

Tyler Riddel
VP of Marketing

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You’ve come to the right place. We have social media marketing experts that help authors and writers scale at speed. Be it branding, creative, or digital marketing and content, Publish My AudioBook is underpinned by creating something better for its clients.

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At Publish My AudioBook, you will get to witness unrivalled brilliance when it comes to social media marketing. Our experts develop well-versed content that demonstrates actual shades of professionalism while emphasizing creativity.

No one can sell your book more than you can. However, if you are unsure where to start or improve your content, you will need someone to guide you with the roadmap. Publish My AudioBook is here to help you, so you can authorize yourself with result-driven book promotion methods to drive your book awareness and author stage through your career.

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Publish My AudioBook help brands grow their business and turn their listeners into lasting customers.

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I’ve been a customer of Publish My AudioBook for the past 6 months

I’ve been a customer of Publish My AudioBook for the past 6 months. I found it to be the best place for audiobooks. Jenny and the team are fantastic to work with. These people are fast and extremely helpful if I ever have a question or problem. Their prices are competitive.

Publish My AudioBook live up to its name.

Publish My AudioBook live up to its name. They have the best customer service. They guide their customers from inception to launch. I'm thrilled to work with publishmyaudiobook.com. It's ultimately a new world to AudioBooks.

Conquer the Industry with Amazing & Difference-Maker Audiobooks

Audiobooks don't just sell themselves. It requires a thorough plan and action to drive audiences to your audiobook. Through tried-and-true methods, publishmyaudiobook.com will get your audiobook in front of the target audience you hope to attract.