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Spike sales and draw customers via our podcast and radio show service. Our experts will blew all expectations out of the water.

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A Full-Service Podcast Advertising and Radio Show Solution

All top-notch businesses experience the same fundamental marketing problems. Automated bots, fabricated news, and rampant amateurism. The good news? Publish My AudioBook solves them. Our Podcasts and Radio Show service cut through the gobbledygook and make fundamentally authentic yet legit connections.

Expand Your Reach and Audience. Let Your Listener Desire For Your Podcast and Radio Show!

Professional Sales Team for You
Our expert podcast advertising sales team is standing by you, ready to assist you with all your podcast advertising needs. So get ready to learn more about this exciting new medium, dive in, and create your first campaign to meet or exceed your business goals and objectives.
Diverse Ads Format for your Podcast and Radio Shows
We sell a variety of podcast ad units. Most of our clients go for host-read ads, which are read by the host and are usually baked into the episode. Another option we have is dynamic ads. Due to its targeting capabilities, dynamic ads are getting popular. Our team will work closely to determine which ad format makes the most sense for your campaign.
Making Your Business Better
So, where do you see yourself in your entrepreneur journey? Just reached validation? Launching? Traction? Scale? No matter your stage, podcasts and radio shows will always take you further. We aren’t referring to small talk; we’re talking about the good stuff – legit, actionable communication.

“We’ve generated the highest number of demo requests of all time. It was a 20-30% increase.”

Tyler Riddel
VP of Marketing

Be Heard with Premium Podcasts and Radio Shows

We get you the top podcasts that connect directly to your ideal audience. These are your peeps, and this is entirely your influence. Podcasts are amazing for business and suitable for people.

By comprehending what makes you tick, we curate content and marketing customized to your ambitions, outperforming the charts, shifting brand perceptions or winning awards.

“Our podcast and radio show experts team creates award-winning yet premium podcasts that go beyond audio. We build podcast brands by creating cross-platform content that connects with the audiences where they are.”

Let Us Create, Distribute, and Monetize Your Podcast and Radio Shows

Publish My AudioBook begins each engagement with an in-depth understanding of your ideal podcast and radio show audience. We also strive to deliver 100% customized appearances to align you with the perfect podcast and radio show interviews.

We make your podcasts and episodes available on every podcast app globally. We also collaborate with platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and other famous networks.

“Promotion is crucial to us as a production. Our unrivalled and decade-long experience in expanding audiences means millions enjoy our shows and episodes worldwide. Our marketing strategies include bespoke PR plans, 360 social content, paid media, and much more.”

Publish My AudioBook help brands grow their business and turn their listeners into lasting customers.

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I’ve been a customer of Publish My AudioBook for the past 6 months

I’ve been a customer of Publish My AudioBook for the past 6 months. I found it to be the best place for audiobooks. Jenny and the team are fantastic to work with. These people are fast and extremely helpful if I ever have a question or problem. Their prices are competitive.

Publish My AudioBook live up to its name.

Publish My AudioBook live up to its name. They have the best customer service. They guide their customers from inception to launch. I'm thrilled to work with It's ultimately a new world to AudioBooks.

Conquer the Industry with Amazing & Difference-Maker Audiobooks

Audiobooks don't just sell themselves. It requires a thorough plan and action to drive audiences to your audiobook. Through tried-and-true methods, will get your audiobook in front of the target audience you hope to attract.