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Not sure about categorizing your book or what subgenre fits best? Our experts will research and optimize the entire data field of your book’s metadata and the tricky ones like BISAC codes and book descriptions.
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Ever heard the term SEO? We would pick specific words and phrases that readers are most likely to search for and are more likely to give you more robust search engine results.
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Misspellings and punctuation blunders often stop readers from finding your book during their searches. We’ll sweep up any possible mistakes.

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Most readers easily find their next audiobook online without browsing in any store. So, how does your book get noticed? It's an audiobook optimization service that allows your audiobook to be searched and discovered across many platforms like Amazon, Google, library catalogs, bookstores, and search engines.

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Optimizing your audiobook keywords is essential if you want your book to rank high and be seen by thousands of shoppers. We understand that a keyword is not a one-time thing. If your first batch of top keywords is not making your book rank higher, we are always here to assist. Publish My AudioBook will help you choose the top categories to take advantage of while ranking. Finally, don’t underrate the power of an appealing book cover. Our designers will take care of your book cover, as shoppers will judge books by their covers, so we ensure yours is the best it can be.

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